Humans have tattooed their bodies for thousands of years. These permanent designsβ€”sometimes simple, sometimes elaborate, always personalβ€”are used as amulets, status symbols, declarations of love, symbols of religious belief, ornaments, and even forms of punishment.

It must be remembered that many escorts start their careers when they are still very young. Most of the time, they are young women in their twenties who see themselves emerging from adolescence and witness their changing bodies. The fact that some people are pushed to the level of "sex bombs" can be scary, so tattoos help these young women tame their deformed bodies. It helps them own themselves.

We know that sex is closely related to death; tattooing becomes an unconscious will to leave a mark. Therefore, the small butterfly tattooed on the guard's left hip is an eternal landmark for this person. It could mean freedom, or even independence.

They are no longer mom and dad's little daughters; their bodies are their own and can do whatever they want. This is an opportunity for some slutty women to communicate ideas, ideas and designs.

Also, for many call girls, tattoos pay homage to their origins. For example, Polynesians will choose Maori tattoos, while Arabs will prefer henna. Instead, Japanese escorts choose to follow the traditional Japanese style of Yakuza/Geisha.

If a prostitute gets a butterfly tattoo on her lower abdomen, it could be a sign that she identifies with the little butterfly in motion.

The act of tattooing is not only aesthetic. It's also very specific, since its role is to mark something indelible on his skin.