Why so many female escorts have tattoos?

WithEscorts Jan 28, 2022

Why so many female escorts have tattoos

In recent years, more and more escorts have been using tattoos as a temptation to distinguish them from others or for personal reasons. When it comes to seduction and tattoos, be aware that for the most part, the meaning of tattoos is innocuous, personal, and sometimes silly...

While tattoos can be a great way to have a discussion with an escort during the "social part" of an encounter, know that delving into the subject will certainly fall short of your expectations.

While tattoos have been around for many centuries, their function has evolved. Formerly used for religious reasons, for reasons of belonging to a certain group or for discriminatory identities; it is an aesthetic tool today. Tattoos also have this paradoxical property of showing off nudity while concealing it. Eroticizing part of your body while covering it up...

Tattoos and Escorts

Today, an estimated 20 percent of escorts have tattoos. Most of them do this to stand out from the crowd or to identify that they belong to a group. However, it seems that some of them wear tattoos to optimize their success in the industry. Tattooed escorts are a democratizing pearl...

Why do some sex models have so many tattoos?

Tame her body

It must be remembered that many escorts start working in the industry at a very young age. Most of the time, they are young women in their twenties who see themselves emerging from adolescence and witness the changes in their bodies. It can be terrifying for some to be pushed into the "sex bomb" bandwagon, so tattoos can help these young women tame their transformed bodies. It helps them own themselves.

Fear of death

We know that sex and death are closely related. Tattoos become the unconscious will that leaves traces. Hence, the small butterfly tattooed on the guard's left hip is the man's eternal landmark. It can mean freedom or even independence.

They are no longer mom and dad's little girls; their bodies are their own and can do what they like. For some free-spirited women, it's an opportunity to communicate ideas, ideas, and designs.

Tribute to her origin and history/background

Also, for many call girls, tattoos are a tribute to their origins. For example, Polynesian escorts will choose Maori tattoos, while Arab escorts will prefer henna. Instead, Japanese escorts will follow the traditional Japanese style of Yakuza/Geisha.

"In Place" Act

If a butterfly tattoo is done on the lower abdomen, it may symbolize the fact that she associates herself with this little butterfly in motion.

The act of tattooing is not only aesthetic. It's also clear, because of what it does, marking something indelible on his skin.

The "Ritual" of the Tattoo

Meanwhile, tattoo artists become masters of S&M, or the art of doing bad things! The masochistic discharge of the tattoo seems obvious. One relieves oneself through this pain, as if a tattoo could provide enjoyment. From a physical point of view, the connection with the tattoo artist is intimate and full of eroticism. He was the one who gave young call girls a new identity during the construction phase.

We are free to admit that this approach means living in the moment through pain; enjoying the moment. The fun of designing a tattoo is as important as the tattoo itself.

Then, like removing flowers, the tattoo becomes a kind of "mitzvah", accepting yourself as a call girl.