10 Best Sex Toys for Female Escorts

WithEscorts Jan 28, 2022

10 Best Sex Toys for Escorts

Brands are doubling down on developing the best sex toys for escorts. Lots of interesting models. Here are 10 sex toys for female escorts for you to test ASAP.

Contrary to popular belief, sex toys for female escorts are not limited to solo fun. They are more than happy to invite themselves into a relationship of two or more. And, whether you're in a brand new relationship or a female escort for years, using a sex toy with your partner can give you an update on your approach.

Why use a sex toy as a female escort ?

The idea of introducing a sex toy into sexual intercourse is sometimes difficult to discuss with his or her partner. However, 45% of French people have already used a sex toy for two, according to a study conducted by Ifop in partnership with Marc Dorcel in 2017. The interest of using a sex toy as a female escort is to vary the pleasures, to taste new sensations and to surprise his or her partner.

One of the fears of some people is that the sex toy ends up taking too important a place within the female escort . This is absolutely not the goal. Use it as a bonus, an icing on the cake. Even the most successful and perfected sex toy will not replace seasoned hands and a tongue.

The best sex toys to use in your relationship

To satisfy both partners, choosing the right sex toy is essential. Don't hesitate to make this purchase together. Communicate on the expectations you have for this object. Should it be vibrating, soft silicone, penetrating or even all three? Ask yourself questions and do not hesitate to seek advice from the professionals present in the store. One thing is certain: there is something for everyone.

If your budget allows it, if you want to choose the right sex toy for your female escort and absolutely taste the pleasure caused by shared vibrations, we strongly recommend the BeauMents Doppio stimulator. In heterosexual Escorts , the woman can insert both ends into her vagina for internal stimulation, while the man can use them to stimulate the base of his penis or his testicles. It can also be used as a cock ring during doggy style for example. It can also be used on the nipples and is therefore perfect for making you discover the orgasm of the breasts.

  • A penetrating sex toy

If you are more looking for a double dildo for Escorts , we strongly advise you to turn to the dildo signed Fun Factory. It has two tips that make role-playing possible, both between straight partners and gay or lesbian partners. The shorter, thicker end can be inserted into the vagina and held in place by the perineum. The other end can, during this time, stimulate the partner by being introduced into the vagina or anus.

  • A high-tech sex toy

As mentioned above, sex toy brands are constantly reinventing themselves in terms of functionality. The LELO brand is undoubtedly one of the most advanced in this frantic race. Its Tiani 2 model for Escorts is remarkable. It is remote controllable with a remote control. Something to spice up your sex life very easily.

During intercourse, the woman inserts one end of the sex toy into her vagina while the other part rests on her clitoris. Both parts of Tiani vibrate. Result: with each back and forth, the man feels the vibrations inside his partner's vagina. You won't be able to do without it.

Here is a selection of 10 sex toys for Escorts all as fabulous as each other. You will surely find happiness.

Sex toys for female escorts:Doppio Beauments

It is one of the most pleasant models to use. Made of medical silicone, it makes intercourse even smoother. This sex toy can be used on all parts of the body and leaves some room for the imagination. Enough to make you discover the different possible orgasms. It also allows you to have fun at the same time, and that is not negligible.

Sex toys for female escorts:Satisfyer Pro 4 Escorts

More accessible than the other models, the Satisfyer Pro 4 pairs is an excellent toy for getting into the saddle. It is rather easy to use and has Air-Pulse technology. Worn during sex, it stimulates the clitoris with pressure waves. Both partners then benefit from the vibrations of the insertable silicone handle.

Sex toys for female escorts:RahinFex vibrating egg

Discreet and extremely affordable, the vibrating egg signed RahinFex is the accessory to take with you during weekends and romantic holidays. If the vibrating egg is of course insertable, it can also be used as a stimulator on the penis, testicles, nipples and others.

Sex toys for female escorts:Fun Factory Escorts Dildo

It's probably the best dildo to have for your relationship. Its two tips make role-playing possible, both in heterosexual and gay or lesbian Escorts .

Sex toys for female escorts:Partner Multifun by Satisfyer

This little toy is made up of three different motors. In all, more than 100 different vibration combinations are possible. It can be used on the vagina as well as on the penis, in cock ring in particular.

Sex toys for female escorts:Touch X Rechargeable Clitoral Massager

This sex toy with a very sensual design has a rounded tip for direct contact with your clitoris. It has 8 different modes and can be used on a clitoris as well as on a penis or testicles. This is the ideal model if you want to discover your erogenous zones together.

Sex toys for female escorts:The Match female escort stimulator by We Vibe

This model is one of the only ones that has an adjustable waist for better sensations. The upper part of the vibrator is placed directly on the clitoris externally. The part to be inserted has a flat back, this leaves plenty of room for your partner to enter and also enjoy each back and forth of the vibrations.

##LELO Tiani 2

LELO sex toys are recognized around the world. This model has a tip that can be inserted into the vagina, while the other part rests on her clitoris. Result: with each back and forth, the partner feels the vibrations inside the vagina of his partner.

Sex toys for female escorts:Doppio Move Beauments

This model is undoubtedly the one that leaves the most room for creativity. Its multiple vibrating arms can stimulate the erogenous zones with even more precision. Just bend them in the desired direction and enjoy the vibrations even more intensely. You can also use them to massage the body and external erogenous zones like the clitoris.

Sex toys for female escorts:Vibrating Cock Ring

This vibrating ring can be used in two positions. Either with the vibration on the testicle, highly recommended for singles, or with the vibration towards the clitoris. It has 5 adjustable intensity levels even during intercourse. The reviews are very positive and users say they got their money's worth.